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Bridging the gap between human and animal surveillance data, antibiotic policy, and stewardship

Newsletter Issue no. 1 October 2019

Joint efforts strengthen network goals

In the fight against antimicrobial resistance there is an increasing need for global collaborative efforts for development and implementation of ideas unhindered by borders and socio-economic conditions. In keeping up with this necessity, the ARCH network has established strong partnerships

Upcoming event!

ARCH-GAPONE Joint Workshop

A joint workshop convening members of the ARCH Net and GAP-ONE for development of the “Bridge the Gap: Survey to Treat” white paper series will be held at the Villa Quaranta in Verona, Italy from 24.10.19 till 25.10.19.

Progress Update

Since its inception in April 2019, several tasks were set in motion towards building the ARCH network, and development of the “Bridge the Gap: Survey to Treat” White paper series and a strategic research agenda. Here are some of the highlights