A translational approach to bridge the gaps between surveillance and antimicrobial stewardship

On 24-25 October, the JPIAMR projects ARCH (bridging the gap between humAn and animal on suRveillance data, antibiotic poliCy, and stewardsHip) and GAP-ON€ (Global Antimicrobial Resistance Platform for ONE Burden Estimates) organised a joint workshop in Verona, bringing together 40 experts from 12 different countries.

For the ARCH group, the discussions focused on reaching consensus on the proposed evidence-based recommendations on how to link and report surveillance data on resistance and antibiotic usage to antimicrobial stewardship teams in four target settings: hospitals, long term care facilities, community and veterinary.

The statements had been elaborated prior to the meeting following an extensive review of the literature (189 documents included) and preliminary expert consensus by means of an on-line survey (RAND-modified Delphi). The two-day meeting allowed experts to consider the proposals in detail and with the benefit of the perspective of epidemiologists, economists, veterinarians, infectious disease specialists, microbiologists and, experts in antimicrobial stewardship and antibiotic usage, all sitting together in the same room.

Work is now underway for the further and final revision of the statements and for the drafting of the four “Bridge the Gap: Survey to Treat” white papers into which the statements will be embedded and which are due to be published in a supplement dedicated to surveillance and stewardship in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.

This “Bridge the Gap: Survey to Treat” white paper series aims to improve reporting and clinical applicability of AMR and AMU surveillance data and to strengthen multidisciplinary cooperation in a One Health perspective. The feasibility of the recommendations will also be revised and optimized according to the heterogeneous economic settings including low and medium income countries and contexts lacking expertise in surveillance and stewardship.

The Verona meeting marks the beginning of a lasting collaboration among these multidisciplinary groups and across the two JPIAMR projects-ARCH and GAP-ON€  with a shared vision of the One Health perspective