Bridging the gap between humAn and animal suRveillance data, antibiotic poliCy, and stewardsHip (ARCH)

Surveillance is essential to all aspects of the clinical management of antimicrobial resistance. It provides the necessary information to develop and monitor therapy guidelines, antibiotic formularies, antibiotic stewardship programmes, public health interventions, infection control policies, and antimicrobial and vaccine development. However, the value of surveillance as a critical component of antimicrobial stewardship is not fully established and the majority of the guidance documents focus either on laboratory surveillance or antibiotic guidelines. The ARCH Network uniquely brings together multisector specialists and networks in the field of animal and human surveillance to bridge the gap between surveillance data and antibiotic stewardship in both compartments.

Major goals of the ARCH Net are to:

  1. Provide new tools to strengthen cooperation between surveillance and stewardship teams
  2. Facilitate the antibiotic stewardship teams enabling appropriate assessment of the AMU and AMR rates according to case-mix of patients and settings to develop antibiotic policy recommendations
  3. Reduce the heterogeneity of microbiological and sensitivity data reporting in surveillance systems
  4. Promote and harmonize reporting in animal surveillance and stewardship and to connect it with human recommendations.


ARCH has been awarded funding by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the JPIAMR 7th transnational call: “2018 Network Call on Surveillance”.  The call was launched in May 2018 and supported by ten research-funding organisations from JPIAMR member countries. In this network call JPIAMR is supporting networks of leading experts that are expected to provide white papers, prospective views, guidelines and/or best practice/roadmap/systematic reviews and frameworks to identify key questions to be addressed or identify potential solutions to overcome barriers for AMR surveillance and the implementation of surveillance research studies. View ARCH project application here

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