ARCH White papers

White papers

The White Paper series published by the JPIAMR-ARCH network in collaboration with the COMBACTE-MAGNET EPI-Net network promote the linking of antimicrobial usage (AMU) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance data to antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) and provides consensus-based practical guidance to any stakeholder looking to establish or implement AMS activities under heterogeneous economic settings that include low- and medium-income countries as well as in contexts with limited expertise in surveillance/AMS.

Guidance is provided as list of actions tailored for different settings: hospital, outpatient, long-term care facility; or veterinary and focusing on three main topics: 1) AMS leadership and accountability; 2) surveillance of AMU for AMS; 3) surveillance of AMR for AMS.

Download the “Bridging the gap between human and animal surveillance data, antibiotic policy and stewardship” white paper series

For practical purposes, the lists of actions for each setting have also been published as easy-to-follow, downloadable checklists.